Scout Promise

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best,
To do my duty to my God, and to Australia
To help other people, and
To live by the Cub Scout Law


Scout Law     

A Cub Scout is loyal and obedient.
Cub Scouts do not give into themselves.


Scout Motto     

We do our best!

Scouts weekly meeting details

Scouts currently meet once a week in the den. 


DAY: Wednesday 

TIME: 7.00 - 9.00pm


VENUE: Helensvale Scout Hall, 13 Shepparton Road Helensvale 4210

Social media

Our Sections have a Facebook page for the parents of our Members to keep in touch with events, meetings and much more.


               Scout Pack





Our Scouts wear a sun smart uniform
consisting of the following: 

  • Scouts Australia Scout shirt

  • Scouts QLD Scarf and Woggle

  • Uniform as per P&R we wear bone coloured trousers. We do not encourage black.

  • Girls may only wear tights as undergarments, not in place of shorts or long trousers.

  • Socks and enclosed shoes

  • Wide brim hat


All Scouting members are expected to wear covered shoes at all times.
We follow the 'no hat no play' policy, hats and caps are both acceptable, navy colour is preferred.


Order your uniform online from the Scouts Shop.

  • Facebook - Black Circle

About Scouts

Scouts do anything and everything... all the fun stuff you don’t get to do at home!


Whether it’s hiking 30km over two days, canoeing, rock climbing, performing on stage in a Gang Show or sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows with a bunch of friends... you choose!


You'll become a member of a Scout Patrol within a larger Scout Troop. Together you’ll make important decisions, set goals, and work together as a team to succeed in whatever you choose to do.


Your Scout Leaders are there to support your decisions and help you develop spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally. They'll teach you heaps of practical skills like how to build rope bridges and flying foxes, how to do basic first aid, and how to light a fire with nothing but two sticks... (maybe)!


There is a multi-level Award Scheme to keep you constantly pushing yourself to achieve your personal best. You can learn about lightweight camping, bush navigation, recognising and dealing with environmental dangers (like bushfires), water safety and heaps more… and yes, you'll learn how to tie some pretty useful knots!


Scouts also gain a lot of valuable life skills such as confidence, resilience, leadership and responsibility.


Scouts have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world at Australian Jamborees or even international Jamborees! You’ll make lasting friendships and create memories that will stay with you for your entire lifetime.

When you’re a Scout, there’s always something new and different to try. Get out there and extend yourself, test your limits and Be Prepared... for new adventure!

What to expect at Scouts

Every activity that the Scouts do is designed to enhance their physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social development and is based on the Scout motto and Law.


Community service: this is an important aspect of Scouts as building better citizens is our core aim. Community service activities might include participating in Clean Up Australia Day, visiting a nursing home or helping to re-vegitate an area of bushland. Scouts are encouraged to find and develop ways to contribute to their community.

Games: Leaning about team work, leadership and co-operation while developing gross motor skills and building physical confidence.


Outdoor Activities: Getting out in nature on activities such as a nature hike can make Scouts think about the environment they are in, and start to care about it. 


Environmental activities:  A large part of the Scout Award Scheme focuses on the environment and Scouting has a strict environmental charter. Specific projects such as caring for a pet or area of native bushland can count toward a badge while increasing the Scout's knowledge of the world around them.


Camping: Camping offers a whole range of activities that you just can't access from the hall. Scouts can get further afield into the environment and learn more about themselves and their Pack on an extended adventure.


Cooking:  Our Scouts enjoy learning about how to cook at a campfire when on camp. Gaining skills in how to be resourceful when it comes to organising food without electricity.

Jayne 2 girl Scouts
Jayne Scout archery
Jayne Scouts by the lake harnessed
Jayne Scouts group 1
Jayne cub + scout

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